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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to provisions of Section 70.47, subsection 1 of the Wisconsin Statutes, the Board of Review of the Town of Hustisford will meet at the Town Hall of Hustisford on:

WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 2014 AT 4-6PM for the purpose of reviewing and examining the assessment roll of real and personal property in said Town and all sworn statements and valuations of real and personal property therein, and of correcting all errors in said roll, whether in description of property or otherwise, and to perform such other duties imposed by law. Objection to the amount or valuation of property shall first have been heard at Open Book and then made in writing and filed with the Clerk of the Board of Review or an oral request made at least 48 hours prior to the opening of Board of Review. The Board will require such objections to be submitted on forms approved by the Department of Revenue. These forms should have been obtained from the assessor at Open Book. In case of necessity, any remaining forms may possibly be obtained from the Clerk. No person shall be allowed in any action or proceedings to question the amount of property unless such written objection or oral request has been filed and such person in good faith presented evidence to such Board in support of such objection and made full disclosure before said Board, under oath of all his property liable to assessments in such Town and the value thereof.

Official written objection forms should have been obtained from the assessor at Open Book on May 5, 2014 from 4-6pm and filed with the Town Clerk or an oral request made at least 48 hours prior to the opening of Board of Review. No objection will be heard unless this form or oral request has been filed and an appointment has been made with the clerk for a hearing at the Board of Review. Call the Clerk at 920-988-0971 for an appointment time after you have obtained the forms from the assessor at Open Book.



Heidi L. Ohren

Town Clerk




Please be advised that recycling is a service that is available at the landfill site on St. Helena Rd.

According to Wisconsin State Statute 287 it is the law and required of every municipality to recycle for the purpose of reducing solid waste.

Each year this is monitored for tonnage and reported to the DNR.

It is the responsibility of each town resident to recycle whenever possible.

Should you have any questions concerning recyclable items please speak with the landfill attendant or

contact your municipal clerk,

Heidi L. Ohren at 920-988-0971.

Town Meetings

Regular Meetings.
Regular meetings of the Town Board shall be held on the first Thursday of each calendar month at 7:30 PM any regular meeting falling on a legal holiday shall be held as determined by the Town Board and posted accordingly.

Should that date/time need to change appropriate notice will be given.

All meetings of the board, including special and adjourned meetings, shall be held in the Town Hall.

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