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July 7, 2011


The monthly meeting of the Hustisford Town Board was held on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 7:30pm at the town hall. Present were Chairman Lee Miller, Supervisors Dave Margelofsky and Gene Gerth and Treasurer Allen Hackbarth.

1. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Lee Miller followed by the flag pledge.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved by Gene Gerth/second by Dave Margelofsky.

3. Motion to adopt agenda as printed by Gene Gerth/second by Dave Margelofsky.


4.1 Roadwork-On July 18th. Payne and Dolan will begin grinding S. Garfield and Sawmill Roads. Chairman Miller to call crack filler to find out when they will be starting.

4.2 Board discussed speed limit signs for Hickory, Hazelwood and Oriole. The signs that are there now are not spaced correctly and the town should receive approval from the county as far as where they should be placed. Board feels no overnight parking signs can be placed on these roads at any time, however the problem will be enforcement. If these signs are erected it will mean no overnight parking all winter for the whole subdivision. Board to further discuss at August board meeting.

4.3 Supervisor Margelofsky presented the board with the latest revision from Atty. Plier of the vicious dog ordinance. Dodge County will not enforce our local ordinances. Wisconsin Town Association feels that we could enforce locally with a Citation Authority Ordinance. With this a person appointed by the town can actually write the violation ticket. Randy Cornelius questioned if the town may have a retired police officer that may be interested in something like this and also how much the town would pay them. Motion by Dave Margelofsky/second by Gene Gerth to approve the revisions to this ordinance. Ordinance to be adopted at August board meeting.

4.4 Board discussed the 3 bids they received from Michelle Kluewer, Betty Pries and Town Web Design for a website for the Town of Hustisford. Michelle presented the board with information and commented that there are plans out there that are relatively inexpensive. She knows of several different web hosting companies where we could get a domain name for $4-6.00/month. Michelle’s submission was mostly informative. Betty Pries submitted a bid of $25.00 for a domain name plus $100.00/yr. for hosting. Also a onetime $600.00 fee. Town Web Design has a one-time set up fee of $600.00, a template fee of $50.00 and an annual cost of $25.00/mo. Board will discuss further at August meeting.


5.1 Adam Pieper came to the meeting to discuss his position as landfill attendant. Board asked Adam how things are going since the changes have been put into place such as enforcing the fees. Adam feels things are about the same. The board feels that we could do without the recycle dumpster however Adam feels that if it is eliminated people will throw their recyclables away with their garbage. Board told Adam to keep track of how often the dumpster is emptied and how much money is taken in. Adam is keeping a receipt book. Also discussed the scrap metal issue. Adam commented that he does not take in a lot of scrap metal so he does not feel that a sufficient amount of money would be generated from it. Board decided to continue to allow Adam to keep and profit from any additional scrap that the town’s people bring in being careful not to take anything with freon. Also, town to have a large sign constructed that lists all of the landfill fees and what is and is not allowed in the dumpsters. Board also feels that a letter should be sent to the electorate along with the tax bills in December stating the rules/fees and that they will be enforced as of January 1, 2012. Supervisor Margelofsky also read off the job description to Adam and gave him a copy of the same as this position will be going out on bid. Adam questioned why jobs are going out on bid if the town feels the people are doing a good job. Board feels that it is just being fiscally responsible to the electorate. Curtis Miller commented that the town may be able to save a lot of money by doing so. Adam also questioned what should be done if he can’t work on a Saturday. Chairman Miller informed that Adam should contact him and he will see to it that the landfill is covered for that day. Motion by Dave Margelofsky/second by Gene Gerth to approve the new landfill job description and fees. Board also discussed bidding out cleaning for the town hall facility along with booking rentals and opening fees. Board feels one person is needed rather than 2 and that that person would be paid on a per hourly basis for all duties including time incurred for bookings/openings. Ad for bids to include cleaning facility, bookings and openings as needed. All bids due by September 1st. board meeting. Town will keep all personnel as town employees rather than independent contractors. Motion by Dave Margelofsky/second by Gene Gerth to approve the bidding and wording of ad.

5.2 Motion by Gene Gerth/second by Dave Margelofsky to approve the $100.00 donation to Lake Sinissippi Improvement District to cover some of the costs they incurred for Lakefest.

5.3 Motion by Dave Margelofsky/second by Gene Gerth to approve redistricting resolution #11-0707.

5.4 Board presented with the update from Atty.Parmentier regarding the nudity ordinance/adult entertainment overlay district. He feels he is 80% done with the ordinance and well within the original projected bid. He will continue to keep us informed of changes/meetings that will need to be scheduled. Also, produced information of a subdivision update that should be considered for our zoning ordinance. This matter to be taken up at the July 26th. Planning and Zoning meeting.

5.5 Board discussed the Pre disaster mitigation plan from Emergency management. Chairman Miller to check into this further before we proceed.

5.6 Rick Hyland who rents a residence on Hickory Rd. questioned if he could possibly have the town construct a parking pad in the right-of-way for him to park his semi so that it would be off the road. Rick does not want to park his trailer away from his residence as he is worried about vandalism. Randy Cornelius commented that the town can’t allow parking in a right-of-way. It has been requested before and turned down. Rick feels that parking is different than storing. Board feels that this will cause other problems/issues therefore motion by Gene Gerth/second by Dave Margelofsky to deny the parking request by Rick Hyland.

5.7 Board discussed the new construction on Rich-Glo Lane. Residents in the area seem to feel that the basement is too high. Board informed that the home owner met all of the requirments and obtained a building permit. Also they would like to know when the rest of the road will be finished. Board cannot finish until the area in question is zoned residential. According to our zoning maps it is currently zoned A1. Chairman Miller to contact Dodge County and acquire an updated zoning map to verify.


6.1 Library Report-Supervisor Margelofsky reported that at the June 16th. meeting he was informed that there were chairs donated and also the summer reading program has 120 kids signed up. Usage is up and the next meeting is scheduled for July 14th.

6.2 Rec. Dept. Report-Supervisor Gerth reported that 19 kids attended the bike rodeo on June 4th. Swimming is going very well this year with double the attendance over last year.

6.3 Fire Dept. Report-Winfred Braemer reported that at the last meeting they approved paying voucher #’s 5590-5605 in the amount of $4104.47. Also they are having a few issues with the new truck. Dealing with the original salesman on this. Cleaning person Rachel Mueller recently fell and broke her hip while cleaning the fire station. Waiting to see what needs to be done as far as liability. The Firemen’s Tournament will be held from 8-22 through 8-28 and Hustisford is hosting. The truck committee is also looking into the purchase of a new grass truck.

6.4 Financial Report-the board reviewed all reports and income. Motion by Dave Margelofsky/second by Gene Gerth to pay voucher #’s 11516-11541 in the amount of $90,860.12 understanding that the vouchers for the library levy and the fire department levy will be held until the end of July when additional funds come in from tax revenue. These 2 vouchers total $75,939.48. There is $50,013.38 in the NOW account and $20,778.34 in checking.


7.1 All correspondence was acted on. There being no further business Gene Gerth motioned to adjourn/second by Dave Margelofsky.

                                                                                                 Heidi L. Spern, Town Clerk